General Terms and Conditions for Accommodation:

1. Scope
1.1. The General Terms and Conditions apply for verbal, telephonic, written or electronic agreements for the rental of guest rooms of the hostel for accommodation purpose and the related services of the hostel.
1.2. General Terms and Conditions of the client do not apply. This is only the case if both parties have agreed to this in written form.
1.3. The agreement will only be realized through the verbal, telephonic, written or electronically written (e-mail) confirmation of the hostel: The client and the hostel are the parties of the contract.
1.4. Any kind of sublease is not allowed.

2. Prices, payment and offsetting
2.1. The agreed prices include the relevant value added tax, unless it is separately itemized.
2.2. Change of reservations (change of the number of guests, duration of the stay or other services of the hostel) made by the guest authorize the hostel to charge different prices.
2.3. Invoices from the hostel are to be paid after receipt without any deductions. If the payment is delayed, the hostel is authorized to demand a late interest of 8 %. The guest is reserved the right to proof a lower damage, while the hostel is reserved the right to proof a higher damage.
2.4. The hostel is entitled to demand an advance payment, which is generally the price for the first night, during high-seasons this can be up to 50 % of the expenses for the accommodation and for groups over 8 persons up to 100 % of the agreed total price.
2.5. The customer can only offset his claims against undisputed and legally determined claims of the hostel.

3. Provision, handing over, return and use of the rooms
3.1.a. Reception times are seasonal and between 11.00 am until 9.00 pm daily.
3.1.b. Guests can move into the rooms from 2.00 pm until 10.00 pm the latest. If guests are arriving at other times, a surcharge of 5 € will be added.
3.2. Booked beds or rooms are provided to the guest from 2.00 pm at the agreed day of arrival. If no later arrival of the guest has been agreed, the hostel is authorized to rent out already booked beds or rooms from 8.00 pm on without having to provide any compensation to the guest.
3.3.The cleared rooms or beds have to be handed over to the hostel by 12.00 am at the agreed date of departure. After that time, the hostel is authorized to charge 80 % of the listed price for the use of the room until 6.00 pm the same day, however, a minimum of 10 € will be charged. If the room or bed is not handed over until 6.00 pm, the full listed price will be charged.
3.4.1.Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms of the hostel. If an infringement of this policy is noticed, the staff of the hostel is authorized to expel the guest from the room and to ban the guest from the hostel premises. In this case, an increased cleaning fee of 50 € will be charged. If the infringement is discovered later on (if cigarette butts are found in the room), the guest will be charged the same cleaning fee.
3.4.2. All single, double and twin-bed rooms are rented out with hostel's own bed linen. In the dorm rooms, the guest is allowed to bring own bed linen or sleeping bags. Bed linen can also be rented for a fee from the hostel. If the guest is using the blanket, pillow or mattress without an appropriate cover, an additional cleaning fee of 20 € will be charged.
3.4.3.If the hostel's beds, pillows and/or blankets are seriously soiled, the hostel is authorized to charge a time and effort based cleaning fee. If the facilities of the hostel are irreparably soiled, the hostel is authorized to charge the guest the verifiable expenses for the new purchase of the respective item(s), plus an additional fee of 30 €.
3.4.4.In the case of a negligent or willful damage or theft of inventory of the hostel, the guest is obliged to pay compensation for the damages up to the amount for the replacement of the item, plus an additional fee of 100 €.
3.4. The hostel is reserving the right to claim for further damages.

4. Cancellation of a booking

4.1. For individuals, the cancellation is free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the booked date. After this, the cancellation fee is 100 % of the agreed price for beds / rooms for the first night. For the following booked nights, the hostel reserves the right to charge the agreed fee if the beds or rooms cannot be rented out otherwise. During peak times (Leipzig Book Fair, Pentecost weekend (WGT)), the same rules apply to groups over 8 persons as well as individuals.
4.2. A fee will be charged for cancellations. For groups over 8 persons, the fee for cancellations up to 60 days prior to arrival is 40 % of the full amount, up to 25 days prior 60 % of the full amount and up to 10 days prior to the planned arrival date 100 % of the full amount.
4.3. The guest is not obliged to pay a fee according to the paragraphs 4.1 to 4.3, if the reason for the cancellation is caused by the hostel.
4.4 If the guest has already paid a deposit, has received a confirmation and cancels his booking in due time, the hostel will return the deposit to the bank account declared by the guest within 10 workdays. For German bank accounts, the full amount will be transferred, for foreign bank accounts, transaction costs will be deducted from the amount.
4.5.1 If the guest has already paid a deposit and then cancels the booking lees than 48 hours prior to the day of arrival or does not show up at all, the deposit will be withhold by the hostel.
4.5.2 If the guest has made a binding booking by sending us his/her physical address in Germany, as well as a binding confirmation e-mail and then cancels the booking less than 48 hours prior to the day of arrival or does not show up at all, the hostel will charge the first night by sending an invoice to the given address. This invoice is payable within 10 days. If the amount is not paid within this period, the hostel will start summary proceedings and is also reserving the right to hire a debt collection agency.
4.5.3 If the guest has made a binding booking by sending his/her credit card details as well as a binding confirmation e-mail and then cancels the booking less than 48 hours prior to the day of arrival, the hostel will charge the first night to the credit card of the guest. The invoice will be sent electronically to the known e-mail address.

5. Cancellation by the hostel
5.1. If the payment of a deposit demanded by the hostel is not made within the agreed period of time, the hostel has the right to cancel the booking.
5.2. The hostel has also the right to withdraw from the contract due to important reasons, for example: - the hostel is not able to fulfill the contract due to force majeure or other similar circumstances; - if rooms have been booked by the guest in a deceptive manner or by giving false declarations, for example concerning the guest him-/herself or the purpose of the booking: - if the hostel has a justified reason to assume that the use of the hostel services could disturb or endanger the business operations, security or the reputation of the hostel and this is not imputed to the domain respectively the organization of the hostel. - if the guest is letting the room to a third person without the consent of the hostel.
5.3. In the case of a justified cancellation by the hostel, the guest is not qualified for claims.

6. Disclaimer
6.1 . Personal and other items carried by the guest are brought at his/her own risk. The hostel does not take any obligation for the surveillance or the safe-keeping of the items. The hostel excludes any liability for any damage, loss or theft, unless the damage is caused by gross negligence of the hostel.
6.2. Liability only exists if essential obligations of the contract have been breached and is limited to the amount of coverage of the existing public liability insurance.

7. Technical installations, fire safety
7.1. By the time of check-in, the guest is informed about the special conditions of fire safety and the consequences of non-compliance. In case of infringement, the hostel reserves the right to charge the guest for the caused damages.
7.2. Guests have to obtain the approval of the hostel for the use of their own technical and electrical devices. The guests are liable for possible damages or disturbances caused by the use of such technical devices.
7.3 In case of the accidental or willful release of the smoke detectors, an additional fee of 50 € per guest in the respective room will be charged.

8. Severability clause
8. The invalidity of single regulations does not result in the invalidity of the contract as a whole.
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Date: Leipzig, 20.11.2013